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Introducing The Better Brand Questionnaire

We collaborated with remake to help fashion brands reduce their impact so together we can #MAKETHINGSBETTER 
Our questionnaire covers the following areas of sustainability and allows you to see how well you score on areas including:


Transparency & Traceability

Disclosing information about your supply chain and if your products can be traced through all your suppliers.



Workers rights, protection, training, health & safety & more.



Are you and your suppliers trying to reduce carbon footprints, water usage, reduction of harmful chemicals and techniques.


Raw Materials

How sustainably grown or sourced are the raw materials of your products and do you use low impact raw materials.



Is your company active and highlighting better purchasing practices, slow fashion or more ethical consumption.

Find out more about our sustainability criteria and how we rate brands here.

Are you using the word sustainable?

By completing our online questionnaire you will know how sustainable your brand really is.
Here is your path to becoming more sustainable.

1. Free online questionnaire

Fill out the free questionnaire answering questions on; transparency, labour, environment, raw materials and leadership

2. Check your score

Your score will be sent to you by email. (It will not be shared publicly)

3. Verified report & certificate

Receive a tailored report, with actionable advice. Brands scoring (scoring >60%) are awarded certificate & badge to recognise their efforts

4. Expert advice

Sourcing tips,  tailored one 2 one advice from our sustainability experts. Free upgrades using our Sourcing Playground platform.

Assess your brand's current impact

  • Fill out a free online questionnaire
  • We’ll send your score by email, based on your answers

Improve your sustainability

  • Receive your sustainability report with a breakdown of your score on areas including: Transparency, Leadership, Environment, Labour, Raw Materials
  • Working towards lowering your impact on people & the planet

Position yourself as a more sustainable leading brand

  • Awarded a certificate with your sustainability score to get the recognition you deserve
  • Awarded a badge uniquely referring your brand
  • Share with your customers demonstrating your brands’ continued efforts and dedication

Verified & Trusted

  • Your questionnaire is checked by a member of our expert team
  • Tailored, actionable advice on how your brand can improve.
  • Free upgrades to use Sourcing Playground’s platform to connect with more sustainable manufacturers

Reduce risk of miscommunication

Avoid costly fines

No guidelines

With limited guidelines in place it can be difficult for brands to understand their impact.

Avoid miscommunication

Without clear regulations surrounding sustainability, some brands have found themselves paying fines with misleading communication.


Get recognised for your efforts

Make sure you know exactly how you rank so you are publishing accurate information about your impact and how sustainable your brand actually is.

How much does the assessment cost?



  • Online self assessment questionnaire
  • Free overview score sent via email


from $399

  • Sustainability report
  • Questionnaire checked and verified
  • Awarded certificate (for brands who pass)
  • Awarded Better Brand badge (for brands who pass)
  • Apply to be listed on our website as a sustainable brand (for brands who pass)

Verified + Expert Help

from $990

  • Sustainability report
  • Assessment checked and verified
  • Certificate (for brands who pass)
  • Awarded Better Brand badge (for brands who pass)
  • Apply to be listed on our website as a sustainable brand (for brands who pass)
  • Tailored one 2 one advice from our team
  • Expert sourcing tips
  • Help and guidance on manufacturers to work with
  • Free private project posted on Sourcing Playground to help find better manufacturers to work with

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